How to use front covers

How to Download Front Covers from Etsy

All Bold Visionary planner purchases include a selection of beautiful front covers to make your planner unique to you!

This section of the tutorial will show you how to download, import and use your front covers in Goodnotes!

How to download your front covers in Etsy

1. Sign in to your Etsy Account using the Safari Browser in your iPad, not the Etsy App. At this time the Etsy App does not support digital file downloads

2. In the top-right corner, select You in the menu options. Then, click on Purchases and Reviews. Or click this link;

3. Find your Bold Visionary planner that you purchased and tap on the Download Files button.

  • 4. It will open a new page with a Thank You note.  Scroll down and click the Download Button for the Front Covers as a Zip File.
5. After clicking the Direct Download button from the previous step, a message will appear asking you if you want to download it.

6. Confirm by selecting the Download Button.

  • 7. On the top bar menu of the Safari Browser click the Download Icon.

8. The file that is downloading will appear.  Once it finishes, click on the magnifying glass.

9. Once you download the files from Etsy the Front Covers zip file will open in the Files App of your iPad in the Downloads Folder.

  • 10. Click on the Front Covers Zip file to unzip it and select the unzipped folder that will appear on the side.
11. Now, you can choose your front covers by clicking the Select button on the top right corner and selecting the stickers you want.

12. Finally, click on the Share button and save the images on your Photo Album.