How to Import Front Covers to Goodnotes

To use your front covers in Goodnotes, we’ll need to create some Notebook Templates to easily select them. 

How to Create Goodnotes Front Cover Templates

1. After adding your front covers to your photo album, open Goodnotes and make sure you head to the Documents menu. 

2. Click on the Settings cog Icon and select ‘Notebook Templates’

3. In ‘Notebook Templates’ click on the cover section and click on the plus icon in the top right hand corner

4. Call your ‘New Group’ whatever name you like

5. Find your New Group in Covers and click on the ‘Import’ text with a plus button above it.

6. Select ‘From Photos’. Then, tap on the front covers you wish to import. 

Tip: you can import more than one at one front cover at a time in your new group!