How to Switch Front Covers in Goodnotes

Now all that’s left is to switch the front cover of our digital planner using our Notebook Cover Templates.

How to switch front covers in Goodnotes:

1. Select the planner you wish to change your front cover on

2. Make sure you head to the very first page of the planner. Page 1 or the front page. Click on the three circles icon on the top right

3. Select ‘Change Template’

4. Click on the ‘Cover’ side of the toggle at the very top of the page

5. Select the cover you would like from your ‘New Group’ with your templates. 

6. Click Apply in the top right hand corner

7. You’ve now changed your planner cover! 

Note: you may have to select ‘Apply Change’ again as a warning will appear if you’re copying over a page with writing. Make sure to double check that you’re changing your front cover only on the front page. Don’t cover over your planner pages with links as this may break them.

8.You can change your front covers as many times as you like. Check out my freebie library for some extra front covers – exclusive for subscribers. I’m always adding new ones!