What is Digital Planning?

Hello there! My name is Sophie and I am so happy that you are here! 

Thank you so much for supporting my small business and investing in a Bold Visionary digital planner. 

These digital planning tutorials are almost like a mini course or bootcamp! 

By the end of these tutorials, you’ll know everything about your purchase and how to use it. 

So, firstly – what is digital planning?

A digital planner is just like a traditional paper planner but the main difference is that instead of being in paper form, you import a PDF file into a note-taking app and use it on your iPad or tablet.

These interactive PDF planners contain hyperlinked tabs that make navigating through your planner quick and easy.  By just clicking on the planner’s tabs, the pages flip for you, just like you would use a paper planner with dividers.

I was always a paper planner girl but as soon as I discovered digital planning I was hooked. It saved so much time, was light weight and is eco-friendly too! 

Here are some of the benefits of switching over to digital planning:

– It saves space –  You don’t need to feel guilty about hoarding your planners! You can keep all of them in one space on your tablet.

– It saves time – You will not believe how quick it is to flip through a digital planner. You can easily find what you need in seconds.

– They are lightweight – You don’t need clunky planners in your bag anymore! It’s all condensed on your tablet.

– You can recycle them – You can save a copy of your planner and use it year after year. Bold Visionary planners are undated so no need to keep buying them.

– You can customise them completely – Digital planners can be completely customised to your unique style. You can change the front covers, use stickers – there is so much you can do with them!

– You can never destroy them – You don’t have to worry about spilling coffee on your planner or losing it. It’s all backed up on your note taking app! 

– And so much more – although they take a while to get used to. Once, you switch to paperless, you’ll struggle to go back to planning with paper. They are so intuitive and simple.