About Me

Hi there, I'm Sophie

Welcome to Bold Visionary! I’m a professional travel blogger from UK but I didn’t get there overnight. I had a plan, wrote it down, visualised it and stuck to it. That’s why I created this Digital Planning space to help ambitious women achieve their wildest dreams and goals too. Every dream starts with a plan and that’s where our chic, minimalist & practical paperless planners come in! 

All our digital planners and organisational tools have been thoughtfully created with you in mind so that you can slay your goals and workload without overwhelm. Your planner is a private space to get all your tasks and thoughts down on digital paper. Then, you can get back to creating your magic and track your progress! 

Why did I choose paperless planners?

I’ve always been a traditional paper planner girl. Ever since I was little I had a huge planner collection. But, as I got older, I found that I was buying lots of planners and couldn’t find the space to store them all. I was overwhelmed with having to switch physical planners all the time and they were taking up so much space. 

That’s when I discovered digital planning! 

It was so refreshing to have my planners all in one place and being able to organise everything on my tablet. It was a huge weight lifted. I could erase spelling mistakes instead of using tipex and I could recycle my digital planner by using them over and over again. 

I was officially hooked as it was so easy to store all of my task lists, goals and thoughts in one place and find them SO easily. The ease of them sky rocketed my productivity and allowed me to achieve my goals far quicker. 

That’s when I decided to create my own digital planners to help other ambitious women achieve their wildest goals too! 

Benefits of Digital Planning

Why choose Digital Planners over paperless ones? Here are some of the reasons below:

Come on this digital planning journey with me!

Bold Visionary has one mission and that’s to help you master the art of digital planning as well as being organised to accomplish your goals without overwhelm. 

Every goal, achievement or invention started off as a visualisation or thought in someone’s mind. 

We are all capable of being the visionary, making our dreams a reality and shaping our own destiny. 

It just starts with a plan and being bold enough to pursue it.

So, if you’re ready – come on this digital planning journey with me and we can achieve our goals together. I’m so excited you’re here. 

Be bold. Be The Bold Visionary!

Your next stepS

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So, where next? Well, here at Bold Visionary we have lots of digital planning resources for you – no matter what stage you are currently in your paperless journey! You can shop my planners, sign up for freebies or find some tutorials to help you get the most out of your digital planner!


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