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You can get in touch via the contact form below or contact me directly via my Etsy shop. Please note that answers to most digital planning questions can be found via my Getting Started page. You can watch my video tutorials or read my informative guides!

Frequently Asked Questions

All my digital planners can be found on my Etsy shop! Etsy fulfils all my orders. Once you’ve purchased your planner Etsy will send you an instant download link!

You will need a tablet, a stylus pen (like an Apple Pencil) & a note taking app like Goodnotes, Noteshelf, Notability, Xodo etc. Note: these things are not included in your purchase. 

No, all Bold Visionary planners are digital planners. That means you will be receiving your planner as a PDF file. These will be sent to you electronically via Etsy

You can find an instant download link via Etsy under ‘Purchases & Reviews’. Then you will find a link to all your files. Please note you cannot download files via the Etsy app. Make sure you’re using Safari/Chrome Browser to download your files. You can then transfer them to Goodnotes or your favourite note taking app! For more instructions, see my Getting Started page. 

Once you have transferred your digital planner to Goodnotes or your note taking app, making sure you have your pen/editing button switched off so that you can click on the hyperlinks and flip through the planner. For a full tutorial, see my Getting Started page

Sorry to hear that! Digital planning can be overwhelming if you’re new to the process. But, I want to help you make the transition to digital planning as simple as possible.Please see my Getting Started page for easy to follow tutorials! Here, I’ll show you how to use your digital planner. Zero stress :)

You have two options. You can transfer the individual PNG files to your iPad and then to your Goodnotes/note taking app. In the note taking app, click on the image icon and click on the sticker PNG photo from your album. Or, you can select the ‘Import from’ link and select a sticker from your files folder. Alternatively, I have made a pre-cropped Goodnotes sticker files with them all imported for you! You will have been sent a private link via your purchases to access this Goodnotes file. For more tutorials and your sticker book link, see my PDF instructions that were sent to you with your planner purchase. For more help, see my Getting Started page. 

At this time, I am unable to offer personalisations or customisations to the digital planners. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Due to the digital nature of my planning products, I do not currently offer refunds. But, I do care about your satisfaction with your purchase. If you are unhappy with your planner, please contact me via the contact form/Etsy direct message and I will try to help you whatever way I can :)

No, these planners are for your personal use only! Please do not copy, resell or share your planner or the relevant action will be taken.

At present I do not offer commercial licence templates but if you are interested, please drop me a message with your request.

You will need to import your JPG front covers as ‘Notebook Templates’ to Goodnotes. I have a tutorial on how to do this via my Getting Started page. 

This could mean that you deleted too many pages in your planner or you deleted the relevant tab page. Digital planners are PDF files that are intricately hyperlinked with thousands of unique hyperlinks to make it work so effortlessly. You can usually add pages into your PDF planner without an issue. But, removing them will break links. I always recommend saving a back up of your planner to keep somewhere should your planner links break or you wish to re-use it. If your links have broken you can try to ‘undo’ your changes in Goodnotes if you removed them recently. Or, you may have to import a new version of your planner to recover the links and then transfer your stickers/notes/pages… if you are completely stuck and you need an extra copy of your planner. Please send me a purchase receipt and what planner you bought to and I’ll send you another one :)