How to Use Digital Stickers

There are two ways that you can use your digital sticker with your digital planner. These are;

1. Importing individual PNG sticker files

2. Importing the Goodnotes pre-cropped stickerbook file

How to import your PNG sticker files

1. Make sure that you have read the tutorial ‘How to Download Digital Stickers‘. Remember to download the digital sticker Zip File following and make sure you unzip it.  Then, import and save them to the Photo Album of your tablet. Alternatively, you can import from that file directly if you don’t wish to clog your photo album!
2. In Goodnotes/your note taking app, click on the photo icon. Then, select the one that you want to import. Or, click on the link ‘Import from‘ to access the stickers in your file.

Using the Pre-Cropped Stickers in a Goodnotes File

Note: this file only works with the Goodnotes app. For other note taking apps, your purchase includes a blank stickerbook and individual PNGs. Follow the steps above. 
1. Make sure you download the PDF file which includes a secure link to your Goodnotes file on the shared drive
2. Download the Goodnotes file to your iPad, it should appear in files
3. Click on the share icon to transfer your Goodnotes file to Goodnotes. You should see the option ‘Import to Goodnotes as New Document’.
4. Open the file and you’ll see a sticker book with all your PNG stickers laid out for you. Select the colour you’d like to transfer.
5. Once you’ve picked your colour, click on the lasso tool in Goodnotes. Then, select the sticker you would like to use. Draw a small circle over the sticker, you should see a dashed line appear which looks like a ‘lasso’. Once you’re done, let go and tap it again. Select ‘copy’. 
6. Head to the page you would like to use the sticker and tap the page again. Select ‘Paste’.
7. Do this as many times as you like! Tip – you can copy over as many as you want with the lasso tool.


Editing your stickers in Goodnotes

1. Once you have imported your sticker into your planner on Goodnotes, the image should be in edit mode. If not, select the image icon in Goodnotes and then select the sticker. 
2. This will open up the sticker in edit mode. From here you can re-size your sticker using the arrows. 
3. Or, you can drag your sticker to wherever you’d like to use it. You can also spin the sticker to whatever angle you choose.
4. If you’d like to remove the sticker, simply click the red ‘x’ button in the top left hand corner!
5. Have fun decorating!