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  • 12+ Digital Planner Freebies You Need to Download TODAY!

    If you’re a digital planner, you’ll absolutely love this amazing list of digital planner freebies that Bold Visionary has in store for you!

    You read that right.

    Everything in this list is absolutely FREE for you to use. 

    In fact, I give you express permission to steal everything on this list to add to your ever growing digital planner collections (for personal use of course, please do not sell my freebies on haha).

    From sticker books, digital notebook from covers, digital notebooks and free digital planners. 

    So, sign up and get using these digital planner freebies today!

    Want to know more about digital planning? Check out my ULTIMATE digital planning guide for beginners here.

    How to claim these Digital Planner Freebies

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    Free Digital Notebook for Goodnotes
    Free Digital Notebook for Goodnotes

    The 12+ Digital Planner Freebies You Need to Download!

    Here are the digital planner freebies that you need to download and start using on your iPad or Tablet today…

    1. The Bold Visionary Free Digital Notebook

    So, first up is the FREE digital notebook sample that you can use on your iPad. 

    It’s the perfect ‘tester’ for you if you’re still on the fence about digital planning because it allows you to test out an interactive PDF absolutely free.

    This sample is a minimalist digital notebook that has 6 hyperlinked tabs that you can personalise. 

    Simply write down on your contents page what that divider section is going to include and then write a description on the page divider itself in the box. 

    It also has 3-page templates to choose from to start populating your digital notebook. These templates are lined pages, dotted and a checklist. 

    If you’ve never used a digital notebook before, it may seem a little complicated at first due to the fact that the divider sections will have nothing inside at first.

    So, you’ll need to copy and paste then duplicate the page templates in order to use your notebook!

    Although it seems a little strange, this is actually a good thing – it means you can fill out your notebook with only the pages you like! So, it’s completely customisable around you. The options are limitless.

    Plus, you’ll never run out of pages as you can copy and paste as many times as you like, it’s infinite! 

    This free digital notebook is a sample of our Bold Visionary Digital Notebook that has over 40-page templates to choose from. You also get 12 divider tabs and it comes in 8 colours. Also, you get 1000+ digital stickers and a bonus front cover set.

    See here for a video flip-through and tutorial

    Read more about this digital planner freebie here

    2. The Bold Visionary Free Dark Mode Digital Notebook

    Next up, is a FREE dark mode digital notebook sample. It’s an interactive Goodnotes notebook for your iPad!

    It’s exactly the same as the notebook above but it has been made it a blackout version for easier reading. 

    This makes it perfect for when you like to use your tablet in the evening and you prefer to use Goodnotes in the dark mode setting. 

    The 3 page templates in this notebook are all black with a white lined paper, dotted paper and a checklist. 

    It also has 6 hyperlinked page dividers included that you can personalise.

    This is a great sample if you’re still unsure whether you would like a dark mode notebook. Read more about it here.

    This is a FREE sample of our Bold Visionary Dark Mode Digital Notebook which has the 40 page templates and 12 hyperlinked dividers. 

    Plus you get free dark mode digital stickers and a bonus dark mode front cover set. 

    Click here to see a video flip-through of the dark mode digital notebook!

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    Bold Visionary digital planner collection

    3. Bold Visionary Free Landscape Digital Sticker Book in Cornflower Blue

    If you love using landscape planners on your iPad, then you’ll fall in love with our cornflower blue free digital sticker book! 

    It’s a blank, interactive PDF for Goodnotes and it’s the perfect place to keep all your stickers in. 

    It has 4 tabs to do with whatever you wish. Simply copy and paste your page templates inside or duplicate to create more pages!

    The pale blue palette is perfect for spring and it is such a lovely colour to look at. 

    It’s the perfect place to store some of our FREE digital stickers (more below) or you could use it as a sketch pad/memory keeper. The choice is yours!

    4. Free Landscape Digital Sticker Book in Lavender 

    There is something so soothing about the colour lavender and so that’s why we made a free digital sticker book in landscape mode for you!

    Just like the blue sticker book above, this hyperlinked PDF comes with four tabs that you can personalise.

    The tabs are even left blanks for you, so you can write on them with what you wish!

    It’s the perfect spot to store some of our free digital stickers inside or copy and paste some templates. You could even use it as a blank sketch book, it’s up to you. 

    Digital planner freebie free digital sticker book

    5. Free Goodnotes Digital Sticker Book in Coral

    Next in line is our free Coral sticker book in portrait mode. Similar to our digital notebooks, you get 12 hyperlinked tabs in this interactive PDF.

    The 12 hyperlinked tabs can be personalised with what you wish. There is space to leave a description between each one and you can write in your contents index what they contain!

    Then, simply click on the contents button to head to your divider section. 

    You could leave all these pages blank or you can store some of our FREE digital stickers inside the pages. 

    Like with any of our interactive PDFs, pages can be duplicated as many time as you wish in Goodnotes or your note taking app! 

    6. Free Digital Stickers – Motivation!

    Do you love decorating your digital planner with some gorgeous digital stickers? Well, I have the perfect thing that you may like.

    We all need some motivation or a reminder to keep going now and then. No matter how inspired we are. 

    It’s important to be our own cheerleader and so these digital stickers will be a helping hand with that!

    On this free digital sticker sheet, you’ll receive 10 FREE digital stickers with motivational messages on them.

    They come in a gorgeous neutral aesthetic palette so they fit beautifully with any one of the Bold Visionary digital planners, notebooks or journals!

    Get it now and give yourself a little pep talk. 

    It comes as both a Goodnotes sticker sheet and also you get the individually cropped PNG’s too. 

    7. Free Digital Stickers – Months 

    The thing I love about digital planners is the fact that they can be completely customised around you and your style.

    Just because you bought a digital planner in a minimalist style, it doesn’t mean you have to keep it that way – you just need to be a little creative!

    These Bold Visionary free monthly stickers are perfect if you want to jazz up your monthly planner spreads a little bit.

    You get every single month as a digital sticker with a clear background. So, all you need to do is cover over your monthly text with white ink until it’s ‘gone’. 

    Then, insert one of these pretty stickers over it and boom, it looks completely different! 

    You get these 12 month digital stickers in both a calligraphy style and more of a minimalist style too. Enjoy!

    8. Free Digital Stickers – 7 Days of the Week

    The same thing goes with your digital weekly planner spreads too. 

    By default, all of Bold Visionary’s notebooks and planners are minimalist as I firmly believe that de-cluttering your space helps you be more productive! 

    But, then doesn’t mean that you need to keep it that way.

    If you’re feeling like you need a pop of colour in your digital planner – You can show your weekly planner pages some extra love with our colourful seven days of the week digital stickers! 

    These are so colourful and bright, it will make planning your week ahead extra enjoyable. 

    9. Free Digital Notebook Front Covers – Light Mode

    Did you know that you have the option to switch out your digital planner front covers?! 

    Yep, you read that right. 

    It’s just another reason why I love digital planning so much. Nothing has to be permanent, you can customise almost anything! 

    So, that’s why I decided to create these gorgeous free digital notebook covers for you for 2021!

    You get a beautiful selection of covers to suit your style. Whether you like pinks, greens, minimalist greys, boho, astrology etc. 

    There’s 7 included and you have many styles to choose from!

    If you’re not sure how to switch over your front covers in Goodnotes, make sure you watch my tutorial video here. It’s super easy and it takes just a minute. 

    10. Free Digital Notebook Front Covers – Dark Mode 

    I always feel like when it comes to dark mode planners, there aren’t as many customisable options included!

    Like, with light planners you get lots of colourful stickers and front covers! But, when it comes to dark mode there’s usually no extras included.

    I know that it can be more difficult to customise a digital planner with dark mode. But, the monochrome contrast of white and black or even black and gold is gorgeous – there are so many things you can do! 

    As a personal lover of dark mode planners, I wanted to make sure that those who also loved them didn’t miss out on being able to use stickers and to customise their planners.

    So, that’s why I created this set of amazing free digital notebook covers in dark mode for 2021!

    You get 5 included and they look incredible on top of a dark mode PDF digital planner. 

    If you’re unsure on how to switch notebook covers in Goodnotes, see here. 

    11. Free Digital Planner – Savings Jar

    I don’t know about you, but I love to keep track of my savings and seeing them grow. 

    I love to keep track but I always think that the traditional spreadsheets can be a little monotonous. 

    So, that’s why I decided to create this fun savings jar that you can colour in to keep track of your savings!

    How it works is you put in a savings goal at the top of the page and what you’re saving up for. 

    Then, once you’ve transferred some of your funds to your savings account, you can colour in your jar with the amount you saved!

    Once you get to the top, you should have reached your goal. 

    This free digital planner page template comes as both a PNG and a PDF. So, you can insert it into your planner however you choose.

    Just remember, the page template does not include hyperlinks and so you may break hyperlinks in an existing planner. I only recommend the PDF if you’re using it alone or you have a notebook without links. 

    Inserting the PNG image will be a safer bet as it will ensure that you don’t lose your existing hyperlinks in your digital planner. 

    For a quick tutorial on how to use your digital planner in Goodnotes, see this tutorial here. 

    12. Free Daily Digital Planner

    If you’re simply wanting a free daily planner spread then you have to get your hands on this Bold Visionary freebie.

    It’s a FREE daily schedule that you can use in your digital planner.

    Inside, is a flexible schedule without the hours of the day, so you can work it around you. 

    You also get a top 3 priority list, then a list of your daily tasks, plus a notes section to jot down anything you need to remember.

    It’s also undated so you can use it again and again – simply circle the day of the week it is at the top of the free daily planner page!

    If you were looking for an hourly schedule, we have a separate page where you can download that too.

    It’s all in our freebie library.

    Want to download one of these digital planner freebies?

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    Enjoy and happy planning.

    Sophie x

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